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Have you ever thought to only hire a landscaping company for ideas?
Thinking on that, I present to you the Consultation.

On the consultation a professional landscaper design will contact you, and schedule a meeting with you by zoom or phone call for 15 minutes where our professional is going to ask you directly questions about the things that you would like in the yard, and your budget.

After this zoom conversation, we will ask you to send pictures of your yard for us , so we will have a better perspective what is going to look good in your yard .

Our Team is going to discuss for ideas that it is going to fit into your needs, and then we are going to give you a call saying that we have the ideas.

A Team is going to meet you at your property and provide you those ideas in person.

Just a heads up this Service is not include design services, if you would like to have this ideas on a design format please let us know. 

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